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Where to Buy Sex Toys Online: The 14 Best Online Sex Shops | GQ

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So you want some sex toys but you're too shy to get them in stores. We have a little secret: We know where to buy sex toys online, and you won't have to explain it was actually for your shy friend. The only problem is that there are so many sex toys on the market that shopping for them online can get overwhelming fast. How can you know what’s worth getting and what’s not, especially in an industry that’s unregulated? 

The answer: do your research, read reviews, and find retailers you trust. For the research, well, we've already found all the best sex toys for men, women, couples, and every conceivable kink you might have. We’ve also done the legwork to sleuth out some of the best sex-toy shopping hubs on the internet, which carry everything from vibrators and dildos to paddles and nipple clamps. Here are some of our favorite online sex shops, with a couple top-notch product picks from each one.

Best For: High-quality toys at a variety of price points

First opened in 1993, this Seattle-based shop set out to create a retail environment that would be comfortable and welcoming for all. Since then, it's opened a few more brick-and-mortar stores and offers a ton of great toys online. Whether you’re hoping to spend $20 (or less) on a beginner-friendly vibrator, or ready to splurge on a pricier item, Babeland carries most of the best sex toy brands on the market and its selection is curated for quality.

Best For: A massive selection of sex toys and lingerie

What started out as a tiny business run from the founder’s apartment in the UK has now expanded into a global sexual wellness empire. Lovehoney’s many partnerships are impressive. The business partnered with Fifty Shades author E.L. James to produce a line of toys inspired by her trilogy, for instance. Lovehoney also carries an incredible variety of toys, as well as lots of cute and affordable lingerie for people of all genders.

Best For: A mix of toys from both mainstream and indie companies

Launched by a husband-and-wife team in 2006, this retailer has become a go-to for those in the know. They stay on top of the latest industry trends, and are often some of the first to carry wild experimental toys from smaller brands that end up blowing up in popularity. The site still sells a lot of old faithfuls from more established companies, so you can fill your cart with a diverse array of pleasure products.

Best For: More vibrators than you can shake a stick at

Founded by San Francisco sex educator Joani Blank in 1977, this shop and its employees have been championing sexual health and pleasure for decades. Its staff sexologist, Dr. Carol Queen, even curates an Antique Vibrator Museum for them. So, needless to say, Good Vibrations knows a lot about vibrators—and if a fantastic vibe is what you’re looking for, its site is definitely worth checking out.

Best For: A huge selection of pretty much everything

Obviously Amazon is one of the most common and convenient places to buy just about anything, and sex toys are no exception. It doesn't usually carry the indie brands and artisanal handmade pieces you’ll find at smaller shops, but if you’re just looking for a basic vibrator, dildo, or butt plug, the Everything Store has got you covered. The normal rules of shopping on Amazon apply here; counterfeit and unsafe products run rampant, because the selection isn’t hand-curated the way it is at many specialty shops.

Best For: Beginner-friendly kink and BDSM toys

Founded in 2020, this shop aims to make sex—and especially kink—accessible and welcoming for all. In addition to its huge inventory of high-quality sex toys, Overkink also carries BDSM products that are affordable and simple enough to make even the most nervous of kink-curious beginners feel comfier trying things out.

Best For: Hardcore kink and fetish gear

For kinksters who’ve been in the scene for a while (or for anyone who just wants great-quality kink products) visiting the Stockroom website is a must. From well-known kink toys like restraints and nipple clamps, to more niche and extreme stuff like electro-stimulation wands and chastity cages, Stockroom carries everything you might need for an evening of deviance.

Best For: Cute, friendly-looking toys

Just about every toy Unbound sells is brightly-colored, fun-looking, and inviting. This makes it ideal for newbies who are intimidated by sex toys, as well as for people of any experience level, who just appreciate a cute aesthetic. Unbound makes vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and some surprisingly great beginner-friendly kink toys, all of which would look adorable on your nightstand.

This shop is committed to never carrying toys or lubes that contain toxic or irritating ingredients, like phthalates and parabens. A lot of its products are also organic and/or sustainable, so if helping to preserve the environment is a priority for you, have a look at Organic Loven's selection.

Best For: Quirky “as seen on Instagram/TikTok” toys

Lovers keeps up with the times, so if you’ve seen a toy being raved about in a viral TikTok or Instagram post, it probably carries it. It's got a lot of standard sex toys along with more unique stuff, like the spiraling SnailVibe and a dildo full of rainbow confetti. Lovers really purs the “toy” back in “sex toy."

Best For: Expert-vetted, inclusive, top-quality picks

Sex educator and journalist Zoë Ligon founded this shop and personally curates its inventory, meaning that every single toy on the site is body-safe and expert-approved. Notably, the site avoids unnecessary gendered language and carries many products that can be used by anyone regardless of gender, experience level, and level of ability.

Best For: Ethically-made toys and accessories

Smitten Kitten works to create a shame-free environment both on their website and in its brick-and-mortar store in Minneapolis. It's careful to only stock body-safe products whose makers they deem ethical and sex-positive. Check it out if you want to feel really good, morally, about anything you buy, from dildos to vibrators to harnesses to massage oil.

Best For: Fetishwear and kink gear aimed at gay men

Founded over 40 years ago, Mr. S has been a fixture of the gay male kink scene for a very long time. It stocks kink gear that can stand up to intense play, as well as fetishwear made of commonly eroticized materials like leather and rubber. Whether you shop online or at its brick-and-mortar store in San Francisco, Mr. S Leather is a kinkster’s dream.

Best For: Gender-affirming toys and accessories

Enby is a trans-owned company that carries a curated selection of sex toys and wellness products geared toward trans and nonbinary shoppers. Whether you’re looking for gender-affirmation gear like packers, binders, and gaffs, or just want to buy toys from a non-gendered and trans-friendly website, Enby is a great resource. It also donates 2% of all its proceeds to organizations that help queer and trans people of color, so you can feel even better about your purchase.

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Where to Buy Sex Toys Online: The 14 Best Online Sex Shops | GQ

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